Alexandros Greek Restaurant & Deli

Welcome to Alexandros Greek Restaurant

The variety of tastes you will be able to enjoy in our restaurant are a careful fusion of traditional and contemporary greek cuisine, readily prepared using only the best, freshest ingredients. In Alexandros we take pride in preparing what we consider to be originally rich, home-made greek dishes – we make no compromises!

Alexandros Greek Restaurant is a family run business. We strive for perfection in creating traditional Greek dishes. Aris & Sarah and Simon make a great team. Aris originates from Salonica in Northern Greece, or to be more exact, ancient Pella, the birth place of Alexander the Great. After 8 years in business we would like to thank all our regular customers for returning time and time again, and we look forward to welcoming new customers.

Alexandros’ success is assured as the authenticity of the dishes and freshness are paramount. We source and use only the best local produce and compliment them with the best Greek delicacies and wines.

While a warm and friendly atmosphere complements food fit for the Gods, occasional live music evenings entice you to dance all night. Although not obligatory, most people soak up the atmosphere and join in.

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